Best 7 Automatic Wet Food Feeders For Cats | Comparison & Reviews

Are you looking for the best automatic feeder to feed your pet wet food? Before I go to the comparison chart, I have to mention that these types of feeders should be used very wisely because since they contain wet food, the smell really attracts your pet to try to defeat the feeder. therefore, the first tip is to consider your cat’s personality (if your cat is highly motivated to get food, that’s not a good sign) and the second tip is to never put wet food in the bowl in front of your cat.

comparison of the best automatic cat feeders with wet food

We select the best automatic wet food feeders that are also suitable for feeding dry cat food. Some feeders feature a tray that rotates to expose the next food, while others simply have a lid that flips up when it’s time to serve the food. choose the type that best suits the needs of your cat.

the best selection of rotating tray type feeders

It is important to mention that all turntable-type feeders serve the first meal immediately, since it is not blocked. the rest are locked and can be programmed.

Some of the following wet feeders use rfid or infrared technology:

Best Hinged Lid Wet Food Feeders

discover which is the perfect feeder for your cat

We’ve provided more detail on how each feeder works so you can decide the best type of feeder for your feline friend. for more detailed information, please click the “go to review” button:

cat mate c500: maximum flexibility

This wet food feeder is ideal for people who want to feed their cats up to 5 times a day (4 meals are programmable). you can feed your kitty canned or dry food, or both. Since ice packs keep food cool, canned food can stay fresh for up to 2-3 days, depending on the ambient temperature.

This unit can be programmed to dispense meals in 10 minute increments. This means you can feed your cat up to 5 meals in 40 minutes if needed. on the other hand, you can also feed your cat once a day for 5 days.

This unit weighs 2.4 lbs. If you have a chubby cat who is highly food motivated, you have the option of attaching the feeder to a wooden board for added stability.

see the cat mate c500 in action

petsafe 5-meal: the feeder that resists inspired kittens

This automatic feeder is perfect for feeding your cat 5 meals a day with dry and wet food, but mostly dry food. only 4 out of 5 meals are programmable. Unlike the Cat Mate C500, this unit does not come with ice packs, so if you feed your cat a mixed diet, you may want to feed your cat canned food first. Fresh out of the fridge it lasts much longer.

petsafe 5-meal can be programmed to dispense meals in 1 hour increments. If your cat is diabetic and needs to eat more frequently, this unit may not work well for your kitty. this device weighs 3.9 lbs. so if you have a mischievous feline this feeder will hold up just fine. you can find more information about petsafe 5-meal here.

5 petsafe meals in action

cat mate c300: the best option to feed only wet food

This feeder is ideal if you need to feed your cat 3 times a day (2 meals are programmable). This device is perfect for people who just want to feed their cat canned food. Your cat will eat the first meal at the time you place the feeder on the floor and the rest will be dispensed in 48 hours or sooner, depending on the schedule.

You can schedule meals in 10-minute increments. this means you can feed your cat 3 meals in 20 minutes if needed or in 48 hours if you prefer.

look at the matte cat c300

microchip surefeed: the selective feeder that stops food theft

The main function of this automatic feeder is to stop the competition for food between cats. This unit is ideal if you have a cat that steals the other cat’s food. rfid technology allows only the kitty with the microchip to eat the food.

Although this automatic feeder does not dispense food at scheduled times, it is an excellent option for cats on prescribed diets who need to eat wet and dry food.

You can put dry and canned food in the container if you attach the split-type container that comes with the unit. canned food lasts up to 2 days fresh. The SureFeed Microchip weighs 3.3 lbs, so it stands up to an energetic cat. you can find more information about this great feeder here.

See the surefeed microchip pet feeder in action

surefeed sealed pet bowl: the anti-insect wet feeder

This automatic feeder is suitable for people who want to protect their cat’s food from the elements, be it ants, flies or other insects. This unit is powered by an infrared sensor that opens upon detection of the cat’s body, so it dispenses on demand. the sealed pet feeder is not a selective feeder.

You can feed your cat wet or dry food. This automatic feeder holds enough food for 2 days, so if your cat isn’t a bit of a glutton, they can eat for up to two days. this unit comes with a regular bowl, but you can purchase the “split bowl” in which case you can feed your cat wet and dry food.

This sealed pet feeder weighs 1kg, making it lightweight. the nice thing is that it has silicone finger pads that keep the drive in place.

check out the surefeed sealed pet feeder

cat mate c20: the feeder for well-behaved cats

This automatic feeder is a good choice for feeding your cat dry food, wet food, or both. The dial timer allows you to feed your cat for up to 2 days. for example, a meal at 6 pm. and the second at 6 pm the following day. ice packs keep food cool, and freezing food will make it last even longer.

This device weighs 1.8 pounds, so if you have a highly motivated kitty, this isn’t your choice. this unit is ideal for feeding a cat that is not food oriented.

This feeder may not be recommended for feeding two hungry cats because the lids do not open at exactly the same time as the timer is mechanical and inaccurate. because of this, one cat may end up watching the other eat.

c20 cat companion video review

wopet 1-meal: the economical option to feed a meal

This is a good alternative if you don’t want to spend too much money and only want to feed your cat its wet food once a day.

This feeder is a good complement to a mixed diet of wet and dry food. the ice pack keeps food cool for a while, but food needs to be out of the fridge to really last longer.

This feeder has a timer that adds hours from the time you program the feeder to reach your desired feeding time. you can schedule a meal up to 48 hours in advance.

This unit weighs 1.2lbs, making it suitable for docile cats, not always hungry kitties.

Important tips when buying a feeder for wet food

The following are important criteria when purchasing a feeder for your cat. you can find this information in each review of a particular brand.

Could your cat breach the feeder to get more food?

The automatic wet food feeder should be well designed to prevent a cat from trying to get into it. the smell of wet food is very attractive, so a highly motivated cat might try to defeat the feeder to get more food. feeding trays have to be very well protected with a strong lid.

Can feeding times be customized?

A very important point is the possibility of programming meal times according to the needs of your cat. For example, if you want to feed your cat breakfast at 6 a.m. m., then with lunch at 12 p.m. m. and then with dinner at 8 p.m. m., should be able to do it. some automatic pet feeders run at preset intervals, so you can’t really change this. you can only choose the first food and then the feeder decides the next one.

How many meals does the feeder dispense per day?

If you want to feed your cat 5 times in 24 hours, you should check if the feeder can do it. Also, check to see if the feeder can be programmed to dispense 2, 3, or more days worth of meals.

Do the batteries last long?

important is to have a unit that doesn’t make you spend too much money on batteries.

Does the feeder have a good warranty?

It’s nice to have the peace of mind of receiving manufacturer support when you buy a product. pay attention to short-term guarantees.

introducing your cat to a new automatic feeder

It is very important that you introduce your pet correctly to use this new device. Automatic pet feeders do make some noise, so it’s important to slowly get your pet used to the new device she’ll be eating from. a proper introduction of the new automatic feeder will be the difference between your pet using the new device or not using it at all. especially with cats who may view the new feeder as something to fear.

steps to introduce your cat to a new bowl

1. place the new automatic feeder next to your regular bowl or plate. 2. Place your cat’s food on the exposed tray of the new unit, without using the timer. To encourage your cat to eat from the new feeder you can use their favorite food. 3. Once you see that your cat is comfortable eating this way, remove the old regular feeder, leaving only the automatic feeder in its place. 4. Finally, you can start using the timer. it is important that you do not overtake your cat during this process. If your pet knows that you are around, it will demand more attention from you! this is just between your cat and his new automatic feeder 😉

advice if you have a dog that steals the cat’s food

If you have a dog that eats cat food, using a selective automatic feeder may not be enough. in some cases you will need to completely separate your pets to ensure that your dog does not steal the cat’s food. there are a few options to accomplish this. check out my article on how to prevent your dog from eating cat food and learn good tricks to deal with this problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comment box and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. good luck!

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