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Although ferrets are not as popular as cats and dogs, they make excellent pets. like dogs, they are affectionate and playful animals that enjoy playing with people.

in size and shape, however, they are more like cats with their small, furry bodies. ferrets are animals that are intelligent and can be taught to perform a variety of tasks, including using a kitty litter box.

litter for ferrets

Ferrets’ shedding behavior is a bit different than cats and dogs. they like to do it in a corner and would prefer a specific area for that. they also ooze frequently due to their digestive system nature.

They typically like to poop after playing, eating, or sleeping, so these are perfect times to set up their litter box. can ferrets use kitty litter? yes, but not everything. ferrets have a habit of diving through types of things with their noses, and some debris can get into their nasal passages.

choosing the right cat litter

1. granulated litters are safe for the respiratory system of ferrets

2. sawdust litter can also be used for your ferret

3. avoid using scented and oily kitty litter for your ferrets, as they tend to avoid them

4. wood pellets would also make a suitable litter for your ferrets

wood pellets

I use wood pellets. they are affordable, odorless and safe for my ferrets. The best part is that they fall apart when peed on and are easy to pick up. they are an excellent choice for many cat shelters. your ferrets can use this cat litter. avoid hardwood pellets because they are not absorbent.

compressed recycled paper in granules

When choosing litter for your ferret, safety and odor control should be the two main factors to consider. Recycled paper compressed into granules is absorbent and can control odor.

Cat owners also use this type of litter. you can make exceptional litter for your ferrets. they contain less dust, are quickly picked up, and are affordable. it’s worth noting that ferrets don’t cover their feces like cats do, so they use little litter in their pans. ferrets have an active digestive system. pick up the trash once a day.

cat litter that is not safe for your ferrets

clumping or clay cat litter

Don’t use clumping or clay cat litter for your ferrets. this type of litter is very dusty and can cause respiratory problems for your ferrets. It is only suitable for animals like cats, but not for ferrets who love to stick their noses in their litter boxes. when wet, the clay also thickens and sticks to your ferrets’ paws, eyes, and noses. it can also cause a blockage if ingested by your pet animals.

oily scented cat litter

ferrets tend to avoid scented litter. In addition, they also release vapors, which can cause respiratory damage to your ferrets.

corn cob sand

is another commonly used cat litter. it should not be used for your ferrets because it is dusty and may contain mold. ferrets can eat this type of litter, causing problems in their intestines.

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