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Are you looking for the best cat breed identification apps to help you solve your kitty’s deepest mystery?

maybe it’s a rescue cat, a stray or feral cat, or even a gift, and you don’t have documentation of its breed and character traits.

While no app is foolproof when it comes to determining breed, we found the top 4 that come closest.

read on for the best features, as well as the pros and cons of each.

why use a cat breed identification app?

sometimes you can tell the breed of a cat by checking the body shape, behavior, coat, size, coat color, coat pattern, and eye color

However, it’s not always easy to tell the difference between some similar breeds that share prominent characteristics.

for example, the korat and the Russian blue appear almost identical at first glance, but upon closer inspection, their unique difference becomes more obvious.

There are 45 breeds of cats according to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and 71 according to the International Cat Association (TICA).

this makes it even more difficult to figure out what species of cat your little friend is.

How would you feel if you had an app that could scan your cat and tell you what breed of cat it is?

well, you can! Read on to find out which ones we like best.

review of the best apps to identify cat breeds

There are several cat breed identifiers online that will not only identify the types, but also share relevant information about your feline friend.

some will even let you have fun scanning your friends and identifying what kind of cat they look like :).

Here are my top picks for the best of the bunch.

1. cat scanner – siwalu software

cat scanner is one of the highest rated apps on the google play store and is supported by more than 3000 positive reviews.

If you want to identify your cat, take a photo of it, record a video or select one of the photos/videos from your gallery.

the application will identify the breed in a few seconds. and if it’s a mixed-breed cat, it will tell you the specific contributing parent breeds.

this application can identify up to 60 breeds and even provide basic information about each one.

It is also a fun app that allows you to play with your friends and find out which cats you are similar to.

the gamification feature allows you to search for cat breeds just like in pokemon go. and you can even compete with friends in this game.

There is also a large community of cat lovers who use this app.

You can share your results, review user profiles, like, comment and contribute your thoughts to the community.

You can also filter them to see the latest posts or filter by popularity.

They don’t have a video of their cat scanner app, but you can get an idea of ​​how it works in the dog scanner video below, as it’s the same basic process.


  • has a database of 60 cat breeds
  • you get the results in seconds.
  • is a social app that unites cat lovers.
  • cons

    • ads can sometimes be a nuisance, and you have to opt-in for premium in-app purchase to get rid of ads.
    • 2. cat family

      cat family is not a scanning app, but a collection of up to 50 cat breeds and some information about them.

      all you have to do is find a photo in the app that looks like your cat, click on it and you will get a description of the characteristics, origin, history and even the lifespan.

      It is also compatible with all devices.


      • it is easy to use.
      • has a database of up to 50 cat breeds.
      • is a fun and informative game for kids.
      • cons

        • It is difficult for some users to identify mixed races.
        • 3. cat contest


          cats quiz app lets you guess up to 50 of the most popular domestic cat breed names, including Persian, Siamese, European Shorthair, Maine Coon, Burmese, British Shorthair, to name a few. there are three different game modes;

          • spelling tests (varied difficulties): write the names of the cat breeds letter by letter.
          • multiple choice questions (4 to 6 response options). You only have 3 chances (lives) to get it right.
          • time game: you can give as many answers as you can in one minute. you have to give at least 25 responses to earn a star.
          • Cat owners can also benefit from learning materials, such as charts with all cat breeds or flash cards.

            better yet, you can also learn cat breed names or translate the information into 15 other different languages, including Japanese, German, English, etc.

            This app was inspired by a similar dog identification app from the same developer, Andrey Solovyev. so if you also want to identify dogs, you can try this application.


            • comes in 15 different languages.
            • has the most popular breeds in the database.
            • games and trivia questions make it educational and entertaining.
            • cons

              • you have to remove ads with in-app purchases
              • lacks information on some of the rare breeds.
              • 4. meowing cats

                This is more than just a cat breed identification app. meowly cats comes with some features that set it apart from the rest;

                • cat manager – This allows you to store certain information about your cats, such as age, medical history, name, age, and breed.
                • Meow Sounds: You can identify a cat by the meow sound or infer what a specific meow means.
                • quotes about cats: Part of the meow feature, it allows you to play the meows and read some quotes about cats.
                • Cat gifs: If you are a fan of funny gifs, this app has several that you can share and have fun with your friends.
                • cat wallpapers: there is also a wide variety of hd quality wallpapers that you can set on your iphone or ipad.
                • Breed ID: Take a photo of your cat and compare it to this ID to find out what breed it is.
                • Breed List: The app also contains a complete list of popular cat breeds and their information such as temperament, health issues, etc.
                • Cat Names: Wondering what to name your pet? this app lists some of the best names for a cat.
                • benefits

                  • a wide range of interesting functions.
                  • it’s perfect for kids to learn about cats.
                  • cat manager makes it easy to keep track of your cat.
                  • cons

                    • There is no android version for this app.
                    • Some features are only available through in-app purchases.
                    • other apps to consider

                      These next two aren’t really breed identifiers, but they’re still a great addition to the “cat stuff” folder on your phone.

                      encyclopedia for cats

                      this is a comprehensive directory of all cat breeds and all relevant information about them.

                      if the information is not in the app, you can get it from the online resources that the app links to.

                      is only available for iphones and ipads and costs $0.99.

                      kitten registration

                      kittylog is one of the largest cat photo galleries showing up to 100 cat breeds and their information.

                      It also includes famous people who own some of the breeds, as well as some famous cats.

                      did you know that taylor swift has two scottish fold cats, meredith gray and olivia benson?

                      It also has quick tips like the talkiest cats, the least vocal cats, the healthiest, the calmest, and more.

                      Unfortunately, this app is not available for android devices.

                      identify your cat

                      the list of cat identification apps is endless. the ones I’ve reviewed are ones I’ve used and had some success with.

                      be careful when downloading apps as they make your smartphone more susceptible to malware attacks.

                      Use a password manager and run a background check on the app and developers, if possible, before downloading.

                      also, just download the app from google play store for android smartphones and apple app store for iphone and ipad.

                      Do you have any other picks for the best cat breed identification apps? share below!

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