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Are you looking for cute cat breeds with short ears to brighten your day?

then you won’t be disappointed with our selection!

read on to discover 7 beautiful breeds that will melt your heart.

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7 Impressive Cat Breeds With Short Ears

Did you know that cats have 32 muscles in their ears and can turn them 180 degrees?

this is how your cat hears the can opener or knows you’re coming home from work before you open the door.

In addition to their apparent purpose, ears are an essential part of your cat’s body language.

Depending on your cat’s mood, the ears may be pricked, pulled back, or down.

They’re a good indicator of how happy, angry, or scared your cat is.

People generally find big-eared cat breeds fascinating thanks to their satellite ears and mystical facial expressions.

but short-eared breeds are also charming and we are going to show you.

Let’s look at 7 unique cats with adorable short ears that you’ll want to scratch.

Scottish Dubbed #1

Look at those adorable folded ears, cat with huge eyes and squashed bodies!

the scottish fold draw attention wherever they go and enjoy posing in cute positions.

interestingly, scottish fold kittens are born with straight ears, which fold back when the kittens are 3-4 weeks old.

however, some Scottish folds retain their pointy ears because they lack the gene for the mutation.

Most people assume that Scots hear worse than other races.

that’s not true. even if the ears are folded well, your scottish fold can hear you crystal clear, but he may not be in the mood to respond to his name.

Scottish folds are also quite affectionate and thrive when around people.

they make great companions and can amuse you for hours with their antics.

#2 American curl

Since we’re talking about short-eared cats, we can’t miss the unique American Curl and its fluffy ears and charming personality.

like scottish folds, american curl kittens are born with pointy ears.

As kittens grow, the ears go through several “transformations” before they become their permanent shape.

In addition to its adorable ears, the American Curl has a sweet disposition, silky fur and a striking facial expression.

these little cats love to snuggle in people’s laps and adore children.

but watch out! People call the American curl “Peter Pan” for good reason.

these cats love to “fly” around the house and can be quite adventurous.

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#3 Persian

it’s no wonder that cute Persians remain one of the most sought after cat breeds and have millions of fans around the world.

there’s something about the fluffier cat breeds with flat faces that makes them irresistible.

While people often notice a flat face, Persians have small ears with rounded tips and large, expressive eyes.

They are also much more muscular and strong than they appear and come in various coat patterns and colors.

Owners often describe Persians as sweet, affectionate, and undemanding.

Most Persians prefer to nap on the couch or lap rather than running around the house.

then, they are perfect if you are looking for a calm cat.

however, the majestic fluff of the Persians requires daily brushing to prevent mating, and they shed tons of hair around the house.

toy #4

Do you like tigers and would you like to have one as a pet?

then all you need is a playful with his cute little ears and ravishing good looks!

tigers can be one of the most dangerous cats, but the playful one is a tame sweetheart.

These tabby cats love human company so much that they are miserable when left alone.

The toys are also quite intelligent and you can easily teach them tricks, such as searching.

they like to walk on a leash and would love to go on an outdoor adventure with you.

However, Toygers are big cats (up to 15 pounds) and can make a big mess around the house if you don’t give them enough entertainment.

On the bright side, the Toyger is a healthybreed with some known problems.

#5 Burmese

If you’ve ever wanted a fluffy Siamese, you won’t be disappointed with the Burmese.

The Burmese has the typical spiky coat color of the Siamese, but lacks their bossiness and chatter.

Burmese may have adorable little ears, but it’s their bright blue eyes, silky coat, and affectionate temperament that people love.

Unlike other cats, the Birman also loves to be held and expected to be involved in everything you do.

They follow you like a shadow and can’t wait to jump into your lap to hug you.

Although Burmese are docile, they are not lazy catsand are too curious for their own good.

it is not uncommon for a Burmese to be trapped or locked up somewhere.

#6 mountaineer

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of mountain cats.

they are a rare hybrid breed, a cross between the desert lynx and the curly jungle.

The first thing you notice about the Highlander is that the top third of its ears are slightly curved.

the other is that Highlanders have short tails, similar to Japanese bobtails.

In addition to his unique appearance, the Highlander attracts fans with his affectionate nature, playful temperament, and sweet disposition.

they love people, they adore children, and they like to splash around in the water.

However, Bobcats can weigh up to 20 pounds and can be quite active around the house.

but they make great pets if you provide them with plenty of nurturing toys and room to run around.

#7 British Shorthair

The last short-eared cat on our list is the majestic British Shorthair.

These grey cats have the typical British personality: they are reserved, polite and calm.

Most British Shorthairs like attention, but they’re not the type of cat to follow or obsess over you.

they communicate with a soft meow and don’t mind being left alone.

Unfortunately, the British Shorthair is not a lap cat. they hate it when you pick them up and carry them with you.

still, they like to sit next to their owner and have a nurturing side.

since British Shorthairs have a short coat, they do well with weekly brushing and are perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance breed with short ears.

No matter what kind of ears your cat has, you should check them weekly and clean them regularly.

Use cotton balls and a mixture of cider vinegar and warm water to remove debris from the ears.

You don’t want your cat to get an ear infection or mites.

Please note that some cats may not like having their ears scratched.

if your cat is uncomfortable, you should avoid touching her ears unless necessary.

what do you think of our list of cat breeds with short ears? What is your favorite? tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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