How to Find the Best Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine

Cleaning up after our cats can be difficult and frustrating. traditional household cleaners can be toxic to animals and don’t really fix the problem. enzymatic cat urine cleaners are the best method, but they should also be easy to use, multi-purpose, and safe to use around pets and people.

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Like most pet owners, I’ve had problems with pet urine.

My cat, Olivia, has been having a hard time peeing in random places, like on my new bathroom rug. I know how frustrating it can be. Not only is he trying to figure out why her pet is treating her entire house like a litter box, but he must also figure out the best way to clean up the mess.

There are so many cleaners on the market, but not all are created equal. Some of them don’t clean pet messes effectively, and some of them can even be dangerous for our pets!

An enzymatic cat urine cleaner is your best bet, but there are many to choose from. To find the best enzymatic cleaner for pets, it’s important to understand what’s in cat urine, how enzyme cleaners work, and what to look for in a good enzymatic cleaner.

why does cat urine smell so bad?

Of course, all pet urine smells bad, but cat urine has an especially bad reputation for smelling awful. it seems to last longer than other pet urine and has a stronger odor as well.

all urine is made up of water along with components like urea, uric acid, and creatine. so why does cat urine smell so much worse?

There’s actually a scientific reason for the extra smell.

the main reason is time. Many pet owners don’t notice their cat urinated outside the litter box right away because cats often urinate or urinate in out-of-the-way places.

When cat urine has a chance to settle, bacteria eventually breaks down the urea. this gives off that rancid urine smell we’re all familiar with. if the urine lasts longer, the urine breaks down further and releases mercaptans, which are what make skunk spray stink.

This breakdown process is why it’s so important to make sure we clean up every last bit of cat urine, not just cover it up. and that’s where enzyme cleaners for pets come in.

how do enzyme cleaners for pets work?

When you realize your cat has urinated outside the litter box, it’s tempting to reach for any household cleaner you can find. after all, you want that mess cleaned up as fast as possible!

Unfortunately, a regular household cleaner can never completely clean up cat urine. even if our noses think it smells clean, our cats’ sensitive snouts can sniff out the slightest trace of urine, and that could lead to recidivism. Plus, many household cleaning products contain harsh, irritating chemicals that can be harmful to cats and other pets.

enzymatic pet cleaners are so effective because they not only coat your cat’s urine, but break it down completely.

enzymatic cat urine cleaners use beneficial bacteria to create enzymes that attack the nasty urine stain and break it down. then those beneficial bacteria eat the decomposed waste, turning it into nothing more than water and carbon dioxide.

with enzymatic cleaners, your pet’s urine problem literally evaporates into thin air.

but which enzymatic cat urine cleaner is the best choice for your family?

4 aspects to take into account in a good enzymatic cleaner for cat urine

When looking for a safe and effective enzymatic cleaner, here are four things to consider.

  1. beware of strong odors. scents that smell good to us can be overpowering or even dangerous to our furry friends.
  2. packaging must last. spray bottles tend to leak or stop working. They also don’t allow you to overcrowd the place, which means you might miss some pee.
  3. dyes are not your friend. Tinted cleaning products may be eye-catching on the shelf, but that means they can also leave conspicuous stains around your home. for a fabric-safe cleaner, look for one that is free of dyes.
  4. it has to be versatile. Cats don’t just urinate on one surface, so your cleaner should be good for multiple surfaces. A good all-purpose enzymatic cleaner can be used on carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery, and on your clothing while cleaning things like toys and leashes.
  5. my favorite enzymatic cat urine cleaner

    Like many pet owners, I was constantly frustrated when it came to cleaning up after my pets.

    I tried cleaner after cleaner, but kept running into problems. some would not clean up the mess completely. others had strong fumes or an odor that lingered for days. one spray bottle even broke the first time I tried to use it.

    I couldn’t find a cleaner that checked all the boxes. I needed a cleaner that was:

    • safe for all my family members, humans and animals
    • safe for carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery, laundry, webbing and more
    • cash
    • easy to use
    • In addition to my own personal reasons for wanting a reliable enzymatic cleaner for pets, there was a bigger picture.

      Look at me!

      Behavioral problems are one of the top reasons pets are turned over to shelters, and inappropriate disposal is a top problem. one of the reasons this occurs is because the stains are not cleaned up properly and the pet revisits the crime scene.

      In other words, if pet owners had access to an effective, easy-to-use cleaner, they would be less likely to turn their cats over to shelters. With over half a million shelter cats being euthanized each year, solving this problem could literally save pets’ lives.

      kinderbean only needs three simple steps (soak, rub and air dry) to thoroughly and completely clean up your pet’s messes. I made sure those instructions are clearly spelled out on each bottle, not just because I want to make it as easy for you to clean up stains as possible, but because ineffective urine cleanup actually affects cat behavior and ultimately their well-being and happiness.

      kinderbean is also dye-free, made in the usa. uu. and has only 5 natural and safe ingredients. It is currently available on Amazon for purchase.

      the end of the tail

      As a lifelong pet parent, I know the frustration of dealing with messes from our pets. I created Kinderbean to help all pet owners by making living with and loving our pets easier. Thank you very much for supporting a product that also supports the health and well-being of the pets we love so much.

      If you want to know how to monitor your cat’s health at home to detect potential problems early, click below for a free copy of my monthly cat health checklist.

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