Jazzypurrs: People Can’t Decide If They Hate The Eyeless Skeleton

animals with abnormalities often instantly fall into the ‘extra adorable’ category.

seriously, you can’t help but fall in love with any lame dog that has three legs, or kittens that only have one working eye. but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, and that exception might be jazzypurrs, the 12-year-old sphinx cat with eye sockets you can see.

Because sphynx cats are furless, when jazzypurrs (real name jasper) had to have her eyes completely removed due to corneal ulcers, her eye sockets were left completely uncovered. this means you can see right where their eyes used to be. two, huge holes for the head. a creepy skeleton cat, if you will.

meet jazzypurrs. he had some corneal ulcers and they had to remove both eyes. Since he originally has no fur, you can clearly see his eye sockets, making for a gorgeous specter of a Skelly cat.

— rob n roll (@thegallowboob) September 9, 2020

for reference, when most cats have their eyes removed, their fur ends up covering their eye sockets, making it look like they only have their eyes closed. but since jazzypurrs are furless, the giant sockets where their eyes are supposed to be are very clear and pronounced.

it’s hard because sphynx cats are hard enough to find cute as they are, considering they look like giant ball sacks and all, but for some strange reason jazzypurrs is actually… kind of adorable and badass

after being diagnosed with the feline herpes virus, losing both eyes to ulcers, and suffering a minor stroke, jazzypurrs somehow still keeps going. And while the almost translucent shell of a cat gives off very sinister, gargoyle-esque vibes, photos and videos uploaded by his owner Kelli prove he’s just a big, bald baby.

However, some have turned away from the eyeless sphinx entirely, thanks to one video in particular. For scary and unknown reasons, jazzypurrs love to have their eye holes scratched and scratched.

Cat owners like to call this activity “plug scratching,” while I prefer the term “nightmare fuel.” how this strange activity was discovered, I do not know. I really don’t want to know.

but aren’t you going to share the video of the scratches on the plug? Should I do everyone’s job here?

— empty head (@brittafiltr) September 10, 2020

but the video understandably turned cat fans into haters, as they began referring to jazzypurrs as a “cursed naked cat” that looked like a “halloween decoration” and “clay someone stuck two fingers in.”

yt people love them a chili rescue. jazzypurrs in his last stage. time to unplug moms ❤️

—drebae (@drebae_) September 10, 2020

this is a dark side. Imagine waking up and that whore staring at you with no eyes.

— ??? ? ???? ??????? ????? (@thotimus_primee) September 10, 2020

Others were left feeling torn between feelings of wholesomeness and horror. and otherwise, scratching his eye socket actually made jazzypurrs look even cooler and more metallic than he did before. Personally, I’m torn by the creepy skeleton cat, but jazzypurrs 60,000 followers on instagram proves he’s got a few fans for whatever reason.

for those still afraid of the nightmares this eyeless cat will bring, this was jazzypurrs when he had eyes. It’s still terrifyingly scary and ballsack-like, but a lot less scary and skeletal.

you can follow jazzypurrs on instagram here, if constant nightmare fuel is your thing.

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